Types of Cheap China Wholesale Bags

Many companies during the current marketing businesses will give some non-woven bags as gifts. These bags are very sophisticated advertisement. Here we analyze these types of non-woven advertising bags produced by nonwoven bag manufacture in china.


First, ad type non-woven advertising bag

Shopping bags advertising bags can be used a limited area of the body to convey to the people the service of the company or commodity market information. When a customer carrying a business ad printed shopping bags walking through the streets, you are actually a number of sophisticated advertising bags, not weaker manufacturing an excellent advertising signs , and the cost is relatively low , why not is it !


Second, knowledge-based non-woven advertising bag

It has certain knowledge of the different types of pictures, text, such as international paintings, Chinese calligraphy, printed in the shopping bag. Such shopping bags From Cheap China Wholesale Bags, not only to the consumer when the goods supplied with a convenient and nurtured our sentiments, people immersed in its beautiful mood.


Third, a souvenir -type non-woven advertising bag

It contain festival souvenir, travel souvenir bags. This strategy appeals to our minds and honor pictures mind, so that we in shopping, there are some new feelings.


Forth, antique type non-woven advertising bag

Many well-known traditions of social goods, because sophisticated materials, manufacture Road, the former long-term history and much consumers like it. If shopping bags printed with antique and elegant drawings and text, giving a feeling of dignity and solemnity, presumably also cause some consumers shopping flavors.

Fifth,trendiness type non-woven advertising bag

We now seek a high standard throughout lifestyle , trendy merchandise leadership momentary consumption trend. When society rendered on what "hot" after midnight, when the goods store pictures, spreading the message printed on a beautiful shopping bag is undoubtedly an important marketing trick . When consumers see a hot commodity on sale in a shop when it happened . " Irresistible lure ."

Sixth,simple and non-woven advertising bag

When customers buy a hodgepodge of things , when the demand for easy shopping bag packing , if you can supply a store , experienced man in fear , must have been consumed by farewell . Gives a convenient , self- promotion that is an important know-how .

Seven,a souvenir -type non-woven advertising bag

If certain festival souvenir , travel souvenir bags. This strategy appeals to our minds and honor pictures mind, so that we in shopping, there are some new feelings.


Well, it has so many benefits of giving non-woven bags as gifts to your customers. And the price of wholesale China Plastic is very cheap. 

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