Drop your phone and damaged the screen?

Is Sony damaged or does not work? SONY REPAIRER repair all the models, from the previous models of Sony Ericsson, to the latest Xperia Z2 and Z3. If your problem or model does not appear here, why do not you use our SONY REPAIR to get a free quote?
Drop your phone and damage the screen? In almost all Sony phones, the touch screen and the display screen are one component, so if you have damaged one of the screens, you must replace the whole set in SONY REPAIRER.
Is the phone does not turn on or is it charging? One of the most common reasons for this problem is a damaged charger port. Commonly, we see the oxidation of the port, or general wear and tear, as the main reasons for this problem to occur. If this is the part that is causing the problem, then SONY REPAIRER replaces and completes the repair so that the phone works perfectly again.
Can not you hear anything through your headphones? The headphone jack can usually be damaged on all phones, and Sony's are no exception. Usually, the cat has something trapped inside that causes problems, or problems can be caused by oxidation or a short circuit. The repair of this piece usually takes one of our engineers around 2 hours.
Do you drop your phone into the water or do you wet it in any way? In phones damaged by water, the first step is to clean the inside of the phone with deionized alcohol, to try to eliminate some of the oxidation. After this, SONY REPAIRER take an ultrasonic bath to eliminate the oxidation of the chips of the main board and recover the phone in perfect working order. This process can take between 24 and 48 hours.
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