iPhone 7 came, but why iPhone SE is still important?

In fact, there is not an objective "best" smartphone. There is one of the fastest smartphones, a cell phone, the best screen, maybe a phone with the best camera. However, as long as sufficient performance benchmarks, the best total package is the most suitable for you.

I said this is because in the past year, I have more than I expected to know more about Apple's iPhone SE. I was a man like a mobile phone (because it was), and in April last year I just bought Apple's small screen phone on a lake and broke the screen on my old Moto X.

No specifications for the iPhone SE are particularly impressive. It runs on Apple's A9 chip, which is more than a year. Its screen does not have any special modern standards. No 3D Touch. Its rear camera is easy to be today's flagship machine beyond, and its front camera is completely average. The most noteworthy is that its overall design is the overall review of the iPhone 5s launched in 2013.

The phone is lacking in originality, but also lacks size. It has a 4-inch screen that is smoother than any other major phone in the last two years.

But for me, it's a good thing.

The smartphone industry is always the same. When a company placed two cameras on the back of the phone, they started doing it. When a company narrows the phone's borders, it suddenly becomes something that everyone needs to prove to be at the forefront. This is a rapidly commercialized state.

Very often, it is great - there is a sign that competition is cool for you and me. If the iPhone SE has an incredible flaw, that is, those incredible borders, next to the Galaxy S8 is just unpleasant. At other times, however, the continued demand for Progress ™ will lead to good things being forgotten.

The death of a small cell phone may be the best example. Not the company has no reason to make the phone bigger - people continue to buy, but continue to spend more and more time sticking to those big screen. The iPhone 6 screen size jumps to give Apple a new height.

More importantly, the industry turns it into a binary, almost completely kill the concept of small cell phones, even if these phones are not easy to show off in the press release is still useful. Stuck in a small screen phone is almost always cheap and mediocre.

Today, there is still an Android phone maker to build a phone that can be considered "small", which is Sony. Even so, its Xperia Compact series was called a decade ago. They are perfectly fine phones, but they are still better handled than the iPhone SE.

IPhone SE did not make any concessions or compromise. Most people on the one hand can cross the screen. It knows it is a small cell phone, all about its design is designed for this purpose. The design is out of date, but it's iconic. It is very light, its shape gives you enough space to seize, the aluminum frame never slips. Small has made it hard to drop; it's built only by further. It makes me less need to cover it with bad situations.

The common thing about small phones like this is that they prefer those who use small hands. That's true, but i'm a 6-foot guy using Google Pixel XL without any trouble. I like the iPhone SE is a simpler thing: in any pocket; send text messages with a thumb (using a sliding keyboard keyboard like G board); comfortable web browsing, do not let go of the subway car railing. There is a free and rest assured that it does not meet the standard size of the phone. It does not rule out what you do other things, and will not let you twist, only one hand is free.

It also understands that it is a mobile phone, not a multimedia center. Whatever you want, you can make text and call easily. Watching videos or reading articles as a larger phone is not luxurious, but when "alternatives" are less than 6 inches, "luxury" is the relative term. When I want to taste, I have a tablet and a TV. SE will not make things smaller; it will only show up for a while. This is not difficult when you deal with a device that you have removed from your face.

The key to all this is that the iPhone SE, though not the forefront of 2017, is still more capable from a technical point of view. A9 chip can still complete all the tasks through the phone. The screen is not as dynamic as the modern iPhone, but it will never be offended. The camera remains above average. Moreover, due to have to push down the pixels, the battery life is huge. Last year it did have storage problems, but Apple doubled the space last month.

The kicker is that it is more affordable than the other iPhone. It starts at $ 400, which is not as good as a year ago the deal is good but still enough to make any of the flaws here more tasty.

I realized that I was in the minority. According to research firm IHS Markit to commercial insiders to provide data, iPhone SE iPhone sales in 2016 only 9.8%. If you consider the old iPhone 5s, 4-inch iPhone accounts for 16% of sales. Small cell phone is not accidentally abandoned. But the iPhone SE is a reminder that the smartphone's past is still in the current advantage.

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