Rent Best Futsal and Soccer Fields for Tournaments

Soccer, commonly known as football around the world is one of the most popular games played internationally. Who does not know the legends Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi? Both of these personalities have gained fame because of soccer and are ranked amongst world’s top soccer players. Soccer is basically a game comprising of two teams having 11 players in each team. It is played on a large futsal courts Singapore, wherein the team is supposed to score a goal by making the soccer ball reach the opponent’s goal. The ball is not supposed to be touched by hands and should only be kicked by foot, knee or even head. It is a game that is loved by all, from kids to adults, everyone.

Talking about Futsal, which is another indoor version of soccer, is a game comprising of two teams having five players in each team and is played indoors on smaller soccer field in Singapore. The ball used in futsal is also different from the one used in soccer or football and is a little smaller and harder than the ones used in soccer. It is also commonly referred to as mini football and the technique of playing both soccer and futsal remains same irrespective of the differences in team size, location and the ball used.

If you wish to learn or practice any of these games or want to rent soccer fields for conducting soccer tournaments, then The Ark is the perfect place to book soccer fields from for rent. Based out in Buangkok and Jurong Park, The Ark is one of the best places to keep into consideration when it comes to football, soccer or futsal. They also provide tennis courts and event areas on rent for tournaments, birthday parties and many more. They have also come up with an Orchid Country Club which is newly inaugurated 4 months back and has 4 pitches, all with 2*5 size. These are ideal for regular kickabout sessions and tournaments. To get more information click here.

The already existing locations of The Ark, which are Jurong Park and Buangkok have football and futsal pitches of size 4*5 and 2*5 respectively along with event areas and tennis courts. All of these pitches and fields are in maintained condition and regularly taken care of.

To know about the booking rates or booking fields online, you can simply visit their website for the same.

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