The Role of Ceramic Fiber Board In Energy Saving of Kiln

At present, there are a variety of kilns in China, but is mostly old-fashioned kiln, the use of ceramic fiber board is not a lot, so thermal efficiency and thermal energy utilization are low, and product consumption is large, the cost is high, the quality can not be guaranteed. As a large energy consumption of the ceramic industry, faces energy-saving severe test. In the production process, furnace consumes a lot of energy, at the same time, fuel combustion generated by the smoke contains great harm CO2, SO2 and NOx and other harmful gases. According to statistics, 90% of SOx in the atmosphere, 85% of the CO2, 80% of the ROx (dust) and 50% of the NOx pollution are all from the industrial furnace, and kiln emissions of harmful gases acounted for a large proportion, therefore, energy saving and environmental protection become the central task of upgrading the kiln. China's ceramic industry, the energy utilization ratio compared with the larger foreign countries, after developed countries use ceramic fiber board, the energy efficiency is generally as high as more than 50%, such as the United States up to 57%, while China only reached 28% to 30%.

In the production process of ceramic products, in order to prevent cracking, to drum up the wind immediately, after the cold wind to the hot air, so the waste heat is quite large from the tropical to the cooling capacity, only the total energy consumption of the smoke away from the heat accounted for 60% to 70%,  but most of the enterprises are not effective for the furnace flue gas treatment, there are harmful substances SO2, NOx, dust in furnace smoke, causing pollution of the environment, affecting product quality, corrosion production equipment and other issues. 

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