Best Troubleshooting Tricks for All Game Consoles

All Game Console brands like Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft-Xbox, and other players are going an extra mile to avoid any kind of problems occurring in their models. It is very much important to avoid such kind of repair issues occurring in any device, as it directly affects the brand name and sales & profit in the long run. As it becomes difficult, to regain the trust of customers / gamers in the market.

With every launch of the new version of the game console, we get to see many improvements in the device as compared to its predecessors. All the companies keep upgrading their technology and resolving repair problems to give the best gaming experience. But still, you will find, some of the problems are natural to come in all these electronic devices all over the world.

Dust, wear and tear of buttons / components, moisture, mishandling of the device, overheating or any kind of fault or malfunction can occur in any electronic device.

Some of the commonly occurring problems are discussed below

Common Problems:

1.      Sudden turn Off of the Console

2.      Freezing of the Console

3.      Bad or no Audio-Video

4.      Disc drive ejection issue

5.      Internet/ Wi-Fi Connectivity problem.

How to Fix these issues?

If your device is in the warranty period, then it is always advisable to send it to the concerned repair centre. And, if you are out of it and want to give a try at home, then follow the simple tricks to troubleshoot or repair them quickly at home.

Rule 1 : Check the cable connections

Always check your cables / cords / HDMI plugs or plugins into their connectors are rightly placed or not. This may solve the audio-video problem or power / Wi-Fi issue.

Rule 2 : Reset the Game Console

If the device is getting freezed up / hanged up or showing some kind of error while playing on the console. Then reset your device properly. Switch off  and remove all the connections to power socket and give a resting time of a few minutes to the device and then restart it again.

Rule 3 : Proper Ventilation

Working / playing on the overtly heated device reduces the life of any electronic device. Always keep the device in a properly ventilated area. If the device is too hot from long time, let it cool down first and then play.

Rule 4 : Use of Disc

Use clean disc. Avoid using any unlicensed or game modification devices, it may cause software malfunctions. The disc inserted should be compatible to the media type of the device.

Rule 5: Up-gradations

Follow all guidelines systematically to upgrade or install any new software into your console.

If your device is still not able to operate, its better to take your device to a reliable games repairer centre.

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