Ukraine Sets to Launch a National Startup Fund in 2018

Volodymyr Groysman, the Ukrainian Prime Minister, has announced that the National Startup Fund will be launched in Ukraine in 2018. The initiative is set out to help the engineers to realize their promising projects

Startup movement is one of the biggest trends in Ukraine. Truly, Ukrainian engineers have given the world a lot of exciting startups, even though many of them found their way to mass production outside Ukraine in the past few years. The most exciting Ukrainian startup is probably UniExo, making prosthetic limbs controlled by a neuro-helmet. Other recent Ukrainian startups include to name a few, Senstone, JollyLook, and Cunomania. The latter, by the way, was made possible by the Vernadsky Challenge. It is an engineering startup competition, organized by Max Polyakov of Association Noosphere. Unfortunately, the Challenge is put on hold this year. While it may be disappointing news to hear, it does not mean that Ukrainian startuppers are left without attention. There are still plenty of opportunities for them to find a way to bring their innovations to life – both in Ukraine and internationally. Moreover, the Ukrainian government has picked a pronounced interest in the startup movement.

A National Startup Fund is set out to aid Ukrainian engineers

After a few years of the independent development of the startup movement, it has finally gained the attention of the Ukrainian government. Recently, the Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman has announced the launch of a National Fund that will be set out to aid the promising engineers. Unfortunately, there are no details as to how an engineer can apply for a grant there or even when the fund will begin its work. However, it is still pleasing to know that the government does not stay away from the important trends of the present day and is willing to help the young bright minds in their self-realization. Moreover, a National Fund may mean that more Ukrainian startups will be realized within Ukraine and not elsewhere.

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