Marine Pollution An Ongoing Factor

Marine Pollution is a devastating event for the environment - Resulting in contamination of the sea from such events as untreated sewage, marine collisions and even oil and dry cargo spillages. Although the incident has been decreasing and increasing in some areas throughout the years and into the 21st century, is it still a major problem for the sea life throughout the world today.

According to figures, a massive 80% of marine pollution comes from the land – examples include agriculture waste & run offs, untreated sewage plants & pumps and incommensurate plastic waste. These types of waste contribute to dead zones and there are around 50 zones in the world and almost all types of marine live cannot survive due to low oxygen levels.

The 20% of pollution that happens in the sea is a result of marine casualties and overflowing of hazardous substances and oils. It is standard for many marine companies to assist vessels and cargos that are submerged or stranded to aid and assist - preventing contamination and excessive loss of fluids into the oceans and resulting in pollution in nearby areas .

It is becoming more and more apparent that many marine companies are helping to resolve the issue of marine pollution, both after the event has occurred and offering many solutions and advice to help with the prevention of anything occurring.

Although there are prevention tactics in place, no one can ever completely resolve the issue of marine pollution offshore and subsequently it will remain an on-going issue.

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