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What food looks like in nature

Most of us know what an apple tree looks like and a veg patch in an allotment. But ever wonder what a cashew nut looks like before field to table? Modern times has removed us from understanding the natural world & food production, many of us would walk past some of these plants & trees without realising food was very near.

The splendour of nature & the variety of which even food can come is very curious. Especially when all we see is a packaged product devoid from their true form in a supermarket.

Hemp seeds contain a perfect balance of Critical Fatty Acids including omega-3 and omega-6

Hemp seeds are becoming quite a popular superfood among conscious people. Whether you consume them plain, in cereals, snack bars, shakes or in oil form, they pack a large nutritional punch that ought to put hemp seeds in everyone's diet.

10 Foods To Buy Organic!

By choosing organic foods we decrease our exposure to pesticides and other chemicals, all while supporting a sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural community. Unfortunately the cost of organics can be expensive, sometimes 50% higher compared to conventionally grown food. It then becomes a question of affordability.

The Power of Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass is a superfood that are treasured by health-conscious people, it carries a extraordinary natural supply of nutrients. It carries 70% chlorophyll, the blood of plant life! It also closely match the molecules of human red blood cells and has been shown to make an adverse environment for bacterial growth in the body. This effectively increases the body's resistance to illness.


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