NYC Best Coffee Shops – Truely Amazing

Most Americans in New York City enjoy a cup of coffee. Coffee energizes the busy shopping district with mouth-watering pastry or any other snack on the side. Top searches of coffee shops or cafes provide the best of both world's for coffee fanatics. New York City has world most delicious and addictive coffee houses with strong flavors and hosts finest tea centers. These coffee shops are amazing and offers many varieties of coffee that too at reasonable prices.

                                   What is special about Coffee ?

Coffee has caffeine which is a stimulant that enhances mood and increases alertness, decreases muscle pain and increases the pain relieving ability of some drugs. It can also boost athletic performance, help to lose weight, and provide beneficial antioxidants for health. Coffee and an aspirin can be the best cure for a hangover, something that millions of sore heads have known for years.

Research takes place every day around the world in scientific labs, private and government research centers, universities, trade organizations, and many other entities evaluating the good and bad of coffee. Overall, the research continues to show consistently that coffee is far more healthful than it is harmful. This is great news for coffee lovers. In fact, more good than bad comes from drinking the brew. Obviously, like anything else, drinking coffee in moderation and consulting with the physician is the best course of action when deciding how much or how little caffeine to consume.

Due to the above mentioned benefits of Coffee, Coffee is gaining much popularity these days and there is no better place to have a coffee than NYC. NYC has got many big coffee shops that serve many different types and flavours of coffee. Not only this coffee is very tasty but also they are very healthy.

Few statistics about consumption of Coffee :

   *More than 1/3 of people say they depend on coffee daily in the morning and throughout the day to perform their jobs.

   *About 45% of people say their productivity drops without a cup of coffee while they work. The most common symptom is sluggishness, fatigue and irritability.

   *Physicians, health practitioners, nurses, hospitality industry workers, engineers, teachers, machine operators, and government workers are among the professionals who say they need coffee the most.

There are many websites who give New York City restaurant reviews. These reviews are not at all biased as these are the reviews of those who have actually tried coffee or any other thing in that restaurant. It is not like any person is writing the reviews regardless of the fact that he/she had actually visited that restaurant or not.

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