Hurricanes, Natural Disasters & an Ancient Healer’s Secrets

When any disaster strikes, my heart goes out to those in need, doesn’t yours?

We have watched in the last few years as tsunamis, fires, floods, droughts, earthquakes, and hurricanes like Hurricane Harvey, have devastated areas. And we see in the media faces and stories of the millions of people who have been affected.

Yoga TV show fined £25,000 over basil cancer cure claim

Broadcasting watchdog Ofcom said the show, on Asia TV's Lamhe channel, carried "an appreciable risk of harm to viewers" due to the "unsubstantiated and unqualified medical advice".

Dr Pankaj Naram claimed "11 holy basil leaves and three black peppers" could prevent cancer.

He also offered medicine for sale.

The self-styled Ayurvedic guru told viewers his brand of products could kill cancerous cells and had the potential to cure "all types" of cancers and hernia.

Neck Lift Surgery: Best Option to Achieve Rejuvenated Youthful Appearance

According to a recent research conducted in Australia, neck lift has become one of the common cosmetic treatments along with the facelift. In addition to the face, women also want their neck to remain appealing. But, environmental factors and ageing affects your neck along with face and cause sagging and banding of the neck. In the most cases, the neck is affected before and more than the face, by aging and environmental factors like pollution and overexposure of sun.

Attain Enticing Curves and Toned Figure with Breast Enlargement Surgery

The number of women opting for breasts enlargement or breasts implants is mounting at a faster pace. But, have you thought that what inspires women to go under the knife for enlarged breasts. Breasts are important part of women's body, however not all women are blessed with captivating curves and toned figure. Women having improperly shaped and smaller sized breasts feel abnormal and they often also lose their self-confidence.

Get Rid of Skin Problems through Effective Skin Care Programmes

Looking for ways to attain younger, radiant and healthier skin? If yes, then why not opt for skin care programs for treatment and enhancement of your skin. Skin care programmes are tailored after analysing the problems of your skin and these programs can improve the appearance of your skin along with reducing skin problems like acne. Aestheticians manage sun-related concerns and aging process due to which skin loses elasticity and become wrinkled.


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