Emergence of Rishikesh as International Yoga Capital

The glory of this ancient town has surpassed the boundaries of countries
India bestows the precious gift of yoga to the rest of world. While there is no denying that the world has recognized Rishikesh as the international yoga capital, it is important to retain its charm & originality of the place with the pace of time.
More than temples, ashrams and Lakshman Jhoola( bridge), Rishikesh is known more for imparting and propagating the art of yoga and meditation. The glory of ancient holy place has surpassed the boundaries of countries.  
Here, the both Ganga and Yoga (both originating from Himalayas) move swiftly to connect with outer world. Both teach the same philosophy that you need to be calm, one-pointed, pure and subtle to reach higher goals of life.
There are some peculiarities of the place that make it ideal for yoga learning:
 • A solitary place with spiritual vibratory conditions
 •  Banks of Ganga elevate the mind in meditation
 • Plenty of lonely places amidst natural surroundings
 •  No vicious thoughts comes to the mind
 • Favorable conditions for spiritual sadhana 
Explore to the deep roots of yoga
It is a treat to watch group of yoga students wearing yoga dresses and performing asanas in perfect synchronization in open air space or in well ventilated rooms. The spiritual vibrations of the place can be felt anywhere or at any time.
If you want to go into the roots of yoga, then set Rishikesh on top of your itinerary. This little town has inspired innumerable yoga aspirants to train as world class yoga masters.
All the disciplines of yoga merge here, just like many rivers, tributaries, rivulets and streams contribute to make holy Ganga. Rishikesh is home to four main paths of yoga---Jnana, Bhakti, Karma, Raja Yoga.
Direct Contact with Divine Power 
When you visit Rishikesh, you will draw to spirituality as bees are attracted to flowers. There is incredible Himalyan landscape, where mountains seem to be in unspoken mood showing their insatiable appetite for learning Hatha yoga.
The direct contact with the divine power comes effortlessly. On the banks of Ganga, the yoga moves into a new dimension of awareness in which we see the unity behind the diversity of the world.
Yoga is recognized as science of purification. The Ganga has the capacity to purify itself. From Gaumuk to Rishikesh, there is no trace of impurity in the ever-flowing water, which soothes the body and refreshes the mind for yoga practice.   
Special Yoga Centers 
Yoga centers have been established by the government and private sector to meet specific needs of yoga aspirants who came here from all corners of the world. The place is pinning for its most valuable visitors, all foreign yoga students.
These centers connect you to the eternal source and origin of your very existence. It lands you to a special strange dimension which is beyond this existence. Under the guidance of perfect yoga master, you do practical and theoretical training.  
Growing popularity and acceptability 
In yoga, we need to concentrate the mind by “Chita-Vritti-Nirodha” by not allowing the mind. Ancient yoga masters realized the value of Rishikesh, as best learning center for yoga & meditation. Modern world has also accepted this fact.  
With the growing popularity and acceptability, the demand for good yoga teachers has risen sharply over the years. The solution to a great many problems, whether personal, national or global, is yoga. 
The secrets of yoga is not confined to Patanjali’s yoga sutras, but has been translated into many foreign languages. Various yoga aspirants has unremittingly studied yoga under yoga gurus and this trend is going on for noble cause.
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