Oil pulling Ayurveda style

Oil-pulling is a traditional Ayurvedic process to detoxify the body..
Oil-pulling? Sounds weird? Chances are that most people will have never heard of this technique. Well, it's a traditional ayurvedic detoxifying process that is supposed to acheive several health benefits.

Twenty-seven year old educator Fiona Vaz has been practising oil-pulling for one and a half years now. Initially, she discovered the concept of putting oil inside the mouth, without swallowing early morning saliva — sounds repulsive! She surfed the net, read books and met people to know more about it. Today, she's a convert and swears by it.

"A friend introduced it to me and the experience has been excellent. It's tough for me to do it daily, but even thrice a week is good. It has brought me relief from pain (especially following tightening braces) and entire body ache after a difficult day at work. I have recognized individuals whose menstrual problems vanished after trying oil-pulling just once."

The Method
Oil-pulling therapy must ideally be practised in the early morning, on an empty stomach.
Take a tablespoon of oil, preferably sunflower/sesame oil (organic oil is not compulsory) and swish/rinse it gently within your mouth for 20 minutes. Make certain that the oil reaches all corners of the mouth. Don't gargle vigorously. As you continue swishing, the oil, from being clear and thick, will come to be thinner and whitish in colour. Swishing activates enzymes that help draw out the toxins from your body. Don't swallow the oil — it contains toxins. You possibly can find it weird initially, but will soon get used to it.

Note: You have to swish exactly for 20 minutes. The system won't be effective, if you swish for less than 20 minutes. Whereas, if you go overboard, you'll find the toxins and bacteria will get re-absorbed from the body. Also, it is critical to brush after oil-pulling. It'll thoroughly clean the mouth of toxins.


Fast results?

Dr Chandrika Shah, a yoga conductor, says the therapy isn't popular among young people mainly because they're averse to the notion of swishing oil inside the mouth. Also, they want immediate results. Shah says that it takes about 15 to 20 days — depending on how seriously it's practised — for it to show results.
Good for whom?

Yoga conductor Dr Asha Joshi says oil-pulling is not only beneficial for oral well being — in terms of eliminating teeth decay and halitosis (bad breath) — but also good on the throat, voice, eyes and face as well. Also, it's excellent for individuals who like junk food, smoke and consume alcohol, since it detoxifies the body.

Dr Chandrika says, "I recommend this therapy especially to people over 40, because that is when most health issues begin. But even young people can benefit from it."
Dentist speak

Dentist Dr Karishma Jaradi says, "In dentistry, we do not follow or recommend oil-pulling. The process is under review and modern-day science is trying to collect comprehensive info about how it helps."
Benefits of Oil-Pulling

- Improved dental health: Whiter teeth, healthy gums, plaque reduction, no bad breath

- Reduction of stiffness and joint pains

- Relief from nasal congestion and sinus

- Helps lessen migraine attacks

- Lessens the severity of asthma

- Regulates menstrual cycle and provides relief from PMS

- Good skin

- Boosts energy

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