Reasons and Medicinal remedy for cluster headache

Human beings had lots of feelings and emotion in their body and mind. Each and every feeling and emotion is differing from each and every one. But most of the time the pain in the body is the same due to suffering with several health issues. Human has been suffering with several pain, like tooth pain, stomach pain, eye pain, joint pain, neck pain, ear pain, leg pain and Headache. Headache problem is something different from other parts pain in the human body. The one type of headache is the cluster headache.

Cluster headache:

Cluster headache is also like a normal headache, but it affects the single side of the head and also making more pain around the eyes.  It comes many times in a day. It makes more pain and not staying stable. This type of head ache is affecting around 1 in a thousand people. Other than the pain, symptoms can include a reddened eye on the affected side of the head and a stuffy nose. More than 80% of men are suffering with this type of head ache.

Reason for Cluster Headache:

Smoking and drinking alcohol:

Smoking cigarettes and regular drinking of alcohol habits causes the cluster headache. These two bad habits are not only causes this problem, but also it makes it more dangerous effects and health issues in human life. This is also the one reason; many men are suffering with this cluster headache problem.

Taking more Medicine:

People are commonly taking medicine for getting cure from their health issues. But few of them are taking medicine in huge amount. Men are using the Sildenafil citrate 100mg medicine for skipping the erectile dysfunction problem. But few men are taking this medicine at huge amount, or they cross the limited level. So it will cause some effects like cluster headaches, stomach pain and etc.


Genetics is also the reason for the cluster headache. If a normal person had a close relatives suffering with this problem, it will affect that person.

Symptoms of Cluster Headache:

·         Those who are suffering with cluster headache, before they are feel some symptoms in their body.

·         The pain stays stable on one side of that person head.

·         That person’s becomes restless.

·         That person’s eye on the side of the pain is tearful.

·         That person’s eye color is changed into reddens.

·         That person’s suffering with Stuffy, blocked, or runny nose on the painful side

·         That person face is sweaty sometimes.


Treatment for Cluster Headache:

Breathe in 100% oxygen - Most of people who are suffering with this problem, they can breathe in oxygen through a mask at 7 to 10 liters per minute. They can experience good relief of symptoms within 15 minutes.

Anesthetic nasal drops - lidocaine (Xylocaine) it is an example for the anesthetic nasal drops. It is more useful and gives good results for the treatment of cluster headaches.

Octreotide – This medicine is like injection type, it stimulates the brain hormones and gives relief. It is the most effective and safest medicinal treatment for the patients.

Avoiding bad habits:

Smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol habits cause many health issues including cluster habits. Avoiding these two habits will show a good health result. Not only see, feel from cluster headache disease, but also getting good health benefits in the whole body.


I mention the reason and remedy for the cluster headaches. If anyone suffering with this problem, they can consult the doctor and check up your body. Prevention is the best medicine and it is the best way to protect your body health.

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