Discover The Breakthrough Ancient Healing Science of Dr.Pankaj Naram Applied Today! This True Story Could Change Your Life Forever…

Dr.Pankaj Naram is currently on tour in the USA. After visiting New Jersey, New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, San Francisco, Sacramento, LA, and Dallas, today he is in Houston. From here he goes to Atlanta, Orlando, Boston, and Queens. The entire tour is already full, with only a few spots still available in Orlando.

And the results people have been sharing regarding their experience is so remarkable!

Take the case of Desiree…

What would you do if you lived in constant pain? If the conditions in your body were breaking down and getting worse and worse no matter what doctors you met or medications you took? What if once you started chemotherapy, you had to quit your job, and you were so weak that even your parents had to cut your food and feed you like you were a child again? What if your energy level was so low that you could barely think of doing anything other than laying in bed?

Less than a year ago she was visiting with some of the best doctors in the world, had box full of medicines, used pain patches to mitigate the constant pain, taking infusions every 4 weeks, on chemotherapy, and in a wheel chair most of the time, and barely able to walk at all.

That is when she had her physical therapist tell her, "Desi, you are not going to make it. This whole thing is killing you." On top of everything else she was diagnosed with liver disease and waiting for 4 surgeries.

Her physical therapist introduced her to a Siddha-Veda practitioner in Germany named Dr.Pooja. Dr.Pooja at the time was participating in the 2-year certification course Dr.Pankaj Naram is teaching through a University in Germany, going deep into the ancient healing science of Dr Pankaj Naram. Desi and Dr.Pooja visited over Skype, and Desi started to get hope. She began taking some of the herbal supplements recommended, and changed her diet. Dr.Pooja also had Desi meet with Dr Pankaj Naram on his last tour.

Desi said, "Meeting Dr Pankaj Naram is a very different experience… very special experience..."

Watch her inspiring story now here:

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