Things About Hemorrhoids Every Woman must Needs To Know

Firstly let we introduce what is Hemorrhoids: are swollen veins in the lowest part of your rectum and anus. Sometimes the walls of these blood vessels stretch so thin that the veins bulge and get irritated, especially when you poop.

Here are some points every women need to know about hemorrhoids

1.  It is a common problem: You don’t have to worry over hemorrhoids as  doctors  say that hemorrhoids are normal. However, their severity can be different in every case and thus may appear  shocking to many patients.

2. They are inconvenient: Hemorrhoids cause a lot of inconvenience. However, they are not really harmful. But in cases in which you have experienced bleeding because of them, you must discuss this   concern with a doctor

3. They may not be painful: One thing to remember is that not all hemorrhoids are painful. Hemorrhoids usually form because of straining due to chronic constipation, pregnancy, obesity, or long-distance running. These activities cause the blood vessels in the anal area to dilate and thus the hemorrhoid tissue swells and bleeds. The good news is that they are treatable!

4. There are of two main types – Hemorrhoids can developed internally or extenaly. External hemorrhoids occur near the anal opening, and are covered by the skin. They do have nerves and this means that they can experience itch, pain, and burning.

The internal hemorrhoids lie inside the anal canal. This type of hemorrhoids can’t be seen or felt by hand  and they aren’t covered with the skin. This means that the person suffering with them doesn’t feel any symptoms. However, they might bleed and can even fall out of the anus.

5. Constipation is the primary cause of Hemorrhoids: Hemorrhoids usually occur because of constipation as it puts strain and pressure on the anal area. Treating constipation can help find relief from hemorrhoids.

6. Check on the time that you spend in the toilet: Spending a lot of time on the toilet seat puts pressure on the hemorrhoid tissue and makes them swell. So it is best to limit time on the toilet.

7. Hemorrhoid cream may not help: Doctors say that the creams don’t help a lot of people to ease hemorrhoids. The irritation and pain can be relieved by using warm water to frequently clear your anal area.

8. Consumption of spices do not form/aggravate hemorrhoids: Most people blame the problem on eating spicy food! However, spicy foods don’t cause hemorrhoids.

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