IBD and Healthy Eating

While foods might trigger flare-ups and worsen gastrointestinal inflammation, they do not cause inflammatory bowel disease conditions of any sort.

Facts on surgery for IBDs

While surgeries are recommended in the latter or perhaps the final part of a treatment process, no patient would accept it easily due to a huge number of misconceptions that swirl around various surgical procedures that are currently recommended. But contrary to the popular perceptions, surgeries have become advanced and less complicated, the reason why accepting a surgical procedure can assure a quicker and effective way of healing. Let’s take IBD as an example.

Importance of an IBD diet plan

While IBD diagnosis and medications are essential to curing the debilitating inflammation and related health conditions, maintaining a healthy diet plan is equally crucial to avoid symptoms and flare-ups that worsen the health condition of the patients.


Here are a few examples:


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