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A number of high-end international brands?have all ventured into the mainland children’s clothing market. In face of the wider selection of childrenswear brands, mainland parents are showing an increased interest and awareness of the options available across the sector. Jollyhers supplies kids clothing for 3-15 years old children. What's more, they also have boy clothing, girl clothing, as well as parent-child outfits. They are both high quality products. Jollyhers aims to help customers to make a choice in order to find more free ways to meet their needs of girl dresses free shipping.
1. In General

Internet access has also sped up the spread of information, so much so that the new generation of parents habitually go online to research information about baby and children’s products. Such information is often shared through social media groups. As a result, even foreign childrenswear brands without retail outlets on the mainland can build a reputation among parent communities in China. For example, the US brands Carter’s and Children’s Place are not carried by any stores on the mainland, but they were frequently cited by focus group participants. Foreign brands that have set up specialty stores on the mainland.

To pursue product differentiation and meet parental demand for “stylish” clothing with “character”, some brands have introduced “grown-up” looks into their childrenswear. Designs and styles of adult clothing, such as hammer pants and slim-fit miniskirts, have been applied to children’s apparel. Some forum participants disapproved of these items on the grounds that they would hinder movement and make children look older than their actual age. Others didn't dismiss these items, and would consider them if the style fitted the occasion. In order to create a good impression at wedding banquets or school admission interviews, for example, parents would tend to favour formal, more mature outfits for their children.

Children’s apparel in “grown-up” designs may be similar to adult clothing in style, but a number of participants expected the design details to account for the needs of small children. When it comes to winter jackets, for example, which usually come in high-neck designs, children have shorter necks and can easily be hurt under the chin by zipper closures. In line with this, parents often check if these jackets come with zipper-end linings or scratch-free closures. Certain varieties of ornamentation found on adult clothing, such as sequins, rivets and crystals, are also considered not suitable for children’s apparel. For parents, the most important considerations for childrenswear are still safe design and comfortable materials.

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