Spring cleaning with feng shui in mind

Spring time is the best season to have a proper tackle at cleaning and a shuffle round of your home. It is a season of renewal and is a vital or your wellbeing that you create a 'sanctuary' for yourself.

So spend a day or two revitalising your space, get rid of all that doesn't serve you anymore. The following are a few tips that could harmonise your energy with that of your home.


The ideal kitchen is airy and bright, colours that give a sense of health & vitality. This should be a practical room enabling easy cooking & storage, do yourself some justice and clean it thoroughly as it represents your state of health.

Free from clutter - Keep surfaces free from clutter, put away items that are blocking the flow of energy.

Cabinets - Take everything out & see what you need & what you don't use.

Clean fridge - Get rid of food past their freshness, donate food that you haven't used for more than six months. Clean the inside & outside of the fridge.

Clean - Stove, pots & pans, cabinets, light fittings & counters.

Herbs & Plants - Get some potted herbs & live pants.

Start thinking about bringing in whole foods into your kitchen & diet, getting rid of clutter & creating a fresh pathway for chi energy to flow will make you feel healthier.


This should be a private & nourishing space, a place of harmonious & sensual energy. It should be a fun and pleasurable space to be in, enjoying a good nights sleep & make passionate love with ease.

Use this space to attract a partner or enhance your current relationship by letting fruitful chi energy to flow.

Bed - Clear out all items under your bed, move items you use regularly to another place & discard the rest. To promote equality, make the bed approachable from both sides. You should be able to see the door from your bed but try not to have it directly in front.

Closet - To create a better flow & create space, tidy it up! Donate clothes you haven't worn for half a year and make room for a new you.

Electrical devices - Move devices like TV and/or computer, these destroy the flow of good chi aside from their electro-magnetic effects on your health.

Colour ideas - A good colour scheme is skin colours, from pale to chocolate gives a warm & sensual atmosphere which promotes a good sex life.

Art - `Avoid the temptation of getting sad or lonely images, to promote positivity, bring in art that reflects your lifestyle, things relating to love and happy relationships.

If you are looking to get a new relationship or want to enhance your current one, there must be an actual physical space for your partner. These tips will help to attract & manifest your desire.


Keep this space minimal, bringing in vitality & freshness, images of nature & plants will give it a rejuvenating feel as this is a place to cleanse oneself.

Bottles - Hide away half empty bottles in a nice box, de-clutter!

Photos and Images - Remove photos or images relating to yourself, friends, family, career and passions. You don't want these things to be connected with flushing down the drain!

Theme - Colours and hues of green & blue represent water giving a cleansing & purifying theme to the room.

Freshness - burn tea tree oil candles or use other essential oils that detoxifies the air.

Renew - Moldy shower curtains should be replaced as well as any other old mats, and towels.


To improve indoor air, invest in some plants. Plants are a great way to manifest new beginnings, refreshing the energy of your space.  Plants like Boston Fern, English Ivy and Peace Lilly are great for purifying the air.

If you aren't particularly green fingered, easy maintenance plants would be a rubber plant or two and bamboo. These need little attention, place by your door to attract & welcome good energy.

Place lush aromatic herbs in your kitchen like Rosemary and Basil.

For more ideas - Plants that clean the air in your home


Thoroughly think of the things that really mean a lot to you, keep it minimal but place beautiful items with meaning into your home. Re-arranging your home will bring joy & can do wonders for your energy, allowing yourself to be filled with happy energy of excitement, your 'sanctuary'.

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