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Shamsher Singh Surjewala is a renowned and senior leader of Indian politics. He has worked hard to achieve his dreams for his constituency.

 The politicians have a bad name, but all are not the same. There are many people who have dedicated themselves for the upliftment of the country. They have dreams for a better India and are always ready to fulfill the dreams. In today’s India we need many leaders who seriously work with dedication. There are not so many but we can find some who really work for the country.

 ‘Shamsher Singh Surjewala’ is among such leaders who have dedicated himself for the improvement of their constituency and India. By the improvement of his own constituency he has also helped in the progress of India. He has given equal importance to every sector like drinking water, electricity, education and health care.

Education has been at the top priority for ‘Mr. Shamsher Singh’. He wants to give every one proper education. In this respect Baba Saheb Ambedkar Govt. College has been started. Many hospitals have been established. A multispecialty hospital has been built in Kaithal. He has also solved the problem of irrigation in his constituency. Availability of pure drinking water and betterment of sewage system is also among many other works done by him.

At the age of 80 Mr. Surjewala is still going on with fulfilling his dreams for his constituency. The work done by him for the betterment of society can be watched on Shamsher Singh Surjewala Videos given on his website These videos show the contribution done by him for the welfare of people and you can also see the awards and honors bestowed upon him. You can also keep yourself update by the Shamsher Singh Surjewala latest news with the help of this website. This news will make you aware of the good deeds done by him. 

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