The Odisha Samaya brings you the latest news about Orissa

India being a geographically and culturally diverse country, each of its states are very different in terms of its people, habits, geography, culture, and language. Hence, it is not surprising that India is considered a subcontinent. Beautifying the eastern coastline of India lies the culturally rich state of Odisha or Orissa, surrounded on three sides by culturally diverse but equally rich states, and on one side by the beautiful Bay of Bengal. You can get a lot more knowledge and information about Orissa from the Odisha Samaya, which provides you with the latest and best Orissa news live.

Its historical importance dates back to the famous Kalinga war and Orissa as a state was established under the British rule. According to statistics, Orissa is the 9th largest state in India in terms of its area, and the 11th largest state in terms of its population. Three quarters of the population of this state speak the official language which is Oriya. Thus, in order to make sure that the news from all parts of Orissa reaches the majority of the population, the Odisha Samaya publishes Odisha news in the official language of the state, Oriya.

The Odisha Samaya highlights the events of Bhubaneswar, the capital city of Orissa. Bhubaneswar is surrounded on all sides by cities that have progressed greatly and are current leaders in a number of fields, and these cities also find their voices here. For example, Cuttack was the former capital of Orissa, and today Bhubaneswar and Cuttack are considered twin cities. The holy city of Orissa, Puri, is considered one of the four holy places of Hinduism. This is where the famous ‘Chariot Festival’ takes place every year.

Other geographically important places include the Chota Nagpur plateau and rivers like the Mahanadi, Brahmani, and Baitarani. Orissa also houses Asia’s largest rice research institute, the Central Rice Research Institute (CRRI), in Cuttack. Orissa is considered a place of great natural beauty and teeming wildlife. The famous wildlife sanctuaries here include the Simlipal National Park Tiger Reserve, the Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary, and the Chilika Lake Bird Sanctuary. The Odisha Samaya gives you the most recent compiled Odisha news about all these places.

As previously noted, Orissa has a very rich culture in terms of its architecture, dance, and music. The native cultural practices of the state have arisen from the merging of the habits of three religions – Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. Its architectural beauty is apparent from the exquisite and beautiful temples seen in Bhubaneswar. The state has produced a number of well published authors, both in English and Oriya.

Its traditional dance form, Odissi, is evidently the oldest existing dance form in India, with a history of about 2000 years. The music of Odisha is a combination of four kinds of music and has a history of 2500 years. Its genres include tribal, folk, light, light classical, and classical music. Insights and advancements of all these dance and music forms and other related Orissa news can be obtained from the Odisha Samaya.

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