Sexual relations and energy exchange

“I always say, never sleep with someone you wouldn’t want to be” - Lisa Chase Patterson
If you believe that we are more than just physical beings but also energetic beings, then you might understand the connection between physical sex and the interlocking of energies that this act brings. Being intimate with another person whether it be physical sex or oral sex, you absorb some of their energy and the absorb some of yours.
Sex with a positive and loving person can uplift you and likewise, sex with a negative, unstable person can bring you down. But bear in mind that we are complex beings with a mixture of both traits in varying amounts.  There is a lack of understanding in mainstream society, a lot of the time we are encouraged to have multiple partners through encouragement of friends or media entertainment. If someone sleeps with multiple partners,they absorb energy from all their partners. A married man will have his energy mixed with his partner and vice versa.
Christians call this 'soul ties' and is also widely discussed in Tantric Sex.
Next time you hook up with someone, remember that unless they clear and cleanse their energy often then you will get intimate with whomever they have been with.
Its a good idea to cleanse your aura on a regular basis as we do accumulate unwanted energies through our environment and daily life. Just like personal heigene, we go around collecting debris in our aura until we have a spiritual wash down so to speak.  If you dont physically wash, your body gets dirtier and dirtier eventually becoming a breeding ground for bacteria and desease.  The same is true for your aura, it will get dirtier and dirtier, it will attract lower vibrations and you will start feeling unpleasant which is unhealthy for you and for others around you.
There are different approaches to clensing your aura, some are lightweight and other more full on.
Bathing in Epsom Salts stimulates the flow of your energy which draws out minor debris from your aura.
Swimming in the sea is also especially good at drawing out minor debris from your aura because of the salts and minerals it contains.
Because some lower vibrations cannot exist with exposure to bright light, gentle exposure of the sun will help. It also stimulates the flow of your own energy.
Standing in the wind
Open your body posture in a strong wind, this supports you in releasing unwanted energy, ideally a sea breeze as this contains salts, minerals and moisture.
Being with nature and coming into contact with the earth helps to ground and release unwanted energy from your system.
Be creative
Do something creative that you enjoy, this will help the flow of your energy because of the 'creative high' it creates. This supports you by releasing blocks and unwanted energy.
Sometimes its a good idea to really feel hidden emotions as this creates a release of energy that might be blocked. The movement and flow will help cleanse from phsyc debris.
More powerful approaches
Aura meditation and healing
Aura meditation helps you to relax and release, it works by releasing lower energies through the ground. It is one of the strongest ways to cleanse and look after your aura.
With aura healing, the healer helps you clear negative energies through grounding out phsychic debris and releasing blocks to help you get your energy flow on track again. Do some research on Reiki and find a good Reiki healer in your area.
An aura reading is a good idea, we sometimes confuse our own energy with other peoples, mistaking foreign energy for our own, so we dont release it.  A clairvoyant aura reading can help identify whats your energy & what is foreign which makes it easier to release.
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