Signs A Shy Guy Likes You: 3 Ways To Tell If A Shy Guy Is Attracted To You

Some guys make it easy for women to understand their feelings. But you will find others whom you often discover to be confusing. I’m talking about a quite a big population of shy men in the world. What are the signs a shy guy likes you?

He’s absolutely not going to tell you himself. At least, not straight away. Depending on the guy, that might be days, months or even years! But I’m here to enable you to discover a few of the signs that a shy guy likes you, so you won’t have to wait too long to making a move.

1) He looks your way every so often.

Shy guys, in general, can’t muster up the courage to say something to you on the first try.
Most likely, they’re frozen in their place, going over the likely scenario in their heads.

Until they truly find the words or the courage (whichever comes first) to speak to you, they are content with just gazing upon your face.

2) He talks to your friend instead of you.

This is one of the trustworthy signs a shy guy likes you. Sometimes, without the need of knowing it, they give the girl of their dreams the impression that they like somebody else. Allow me explain the mechanics of this phenomenon to you.

Some shy guys think they’re smart by talking to a girl’s best friend for advice. Unfortunately, if they hang on to the friend a lot, the girl may possibly believe that he is interested in her friend and not in her. Mixed signals, right?

So whenever you see “the” guy start acting close and chummy to one of your friends, don’t be quick to jump to conclusions. Chummy is not necessarily romantic. If they look at you too and smile, you know they’ve been talking about you.

3) He does one thing unexpected.

Shy guys like to plot how they’re going to impress you. Sometimes though, the result isn’t always as smooth as they hoped it would be.

Most of the time, they end up acting their plans out on impulse, that's why you are caught off guard once a guy suddenly appears in front of you. He may well just need to escort you across the street but finds himself stammering within your face instead.

You should just excuse shy guys in general. They do mean well. So if you spot some of these signs that a shy guy likes you, be good natured about it and try to understand where timid men are coming from.

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