Certified Natural Alexandrite

This certified natural alexandrite by All Sapphires is a brilliant gemstone with a phenomenal natural color change features. It constitutes a delightful shade of bluish green (forest). Its variety categorizes it into the most natural alexandrite and it’s available in the dainty colors of green and red. Their quality and character prove that they are lab-certified alexandrite to give the customers only the best of the product. Their quality is not only reliable but they also are loosely genuine natural alexandrite product for sale. Their weight in karat in about 1.95, while it is created in the shape of cushion.

Aquamarine Gemstone

Aquamarine is another brilliant gemstone gifted to all. With its availability in shades such as blue-green combination, makes it the most demanding natural gemstone of all. When you buy this loose aquamarine gemstone with lab-certified quality, you will come across its cool shades from blue to blue-green beryl. The great thing about shopping this aquamarine gemstone online at All Sapphires is that you can buy it in diverse forms of aquamarine. It ranges in the colors of a faint light blue to blue to another shade of a heavenly bluish green. Although, the lighter color tones are much more common.

Chrysoberyl Gemstone

Buy loose and genuine Chrysoberyl gemstone at All Sapphires in the most exquisite quality available at your disposal. The colors offered are wondrous greenish tinge to a light yellow shade. Its weight in karats is about 1.47 CT. The shape of the gemstone is mostly in the cushion. This loose Chrysoberyl gemstone is yet another one is the list of best gemstones to date and yet quite the most expensive ones as well. With shades, so mesmerizing and appealing and offered at reasonable rates, you should definitely buy Chrysoberyl gemstones from All Sapphires and try the best.

Chrysoberyl Cat’s eye

The magnificent Chrysoberyl cat’s eye gemstone is another hit in the list with its flawless outlook of a cat eye. It gives off the most distinct-looking impact that imitates a stunning cat eye outlook. This classic Chrysoberyl gemstone is mostly available in shades of lightest possible yellow-green that once again mimics cat eye features. To buy Chrysoberyl cat’s eye gemstone online, it will be a good option since you will come across various and diverse options to select from, with each gemstone available in distinct weights in karats. The size also varies with the weight of the gemstone so it’s all your enigma of choices.

Tourmaline Gemstones

Buy the natural loose tourmaline gemstones which are the gemstones of your impeccable imagination. With its availability in colors like dark pink and red, it is the most expressive natural gemstone to date and is perfect for nearly every occasion. With its classic features, such as weight in karats is 1.445 CT, shape which is round rather than the cushion, while its optical character is double refractive. The magnification of the natural tourmaline gemstone is always checked. Therefore, you should buy beautiful loose tourmaline gemstones online, because of the various features and designs at your disposal.


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