Sapphire Pairs

There are few gems which held our attentions over time, two of them are sapphire and ruby. The pure colors and excellent durability are the highlighted qualities of these members of corundum family.

However, the sapphire stone comes in many colors except red, as all the red corundum gems are considered rubies. Sapphires get their extraordinary colors from traces of iron, titanium, chromium and other elements.

Sapphire meaning throughout the history: The word sapphire comes from Latin word ‘Saphirus’ and the Greek word ‘sapherios’ which means blue. Sapphires have been regarded as a significant and mystical gemstone for hundreds of years. In history,there are many associations with blue sapphire within various religions.  Ancient rulers of Persia believe that the blue color of the sky is because of the reflection of sapphire stone. In catholic and much other religions believes that sapphire is the representative of the heaven. The Greek word sapphire for wisdom and Buddhists believe it is best for bringing spiritual insight. 

However, in today’s world, the sapphire’s most common perception is that it is the stone of wisdom. It helps in learning, mental activity, and healing. Sapphires are said to be able to calm nerves which aid in bringing about mental clarity. This gemstone brings the positive attitude toward life and increases self-motivation and discipline.

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Ruby meaning in history: Ruby is that precious stone which is connected to the zodiac king i.e. Sun. This stone is considered as the King of the gemstone. People of old and modern times believes that this stone overcome the nervousness, fear, and depression and increases the self-confidence and passion. This stone is best for the couples as it brings happiness and harmony in the relationship, because this stone reduces the negative thinking and bring out the positive attitude of people towards life. Ruby brings fame and wealth in the life of its wearer and protects him from evil eyes. This is the stone which cures the diseases such as fever, blood pressure, and cardiac problems.

Ruby allows the sharing of love and gives the strength to rise from martyrdom. It is the stone which allows people to rule and give them the quality of leaderships.

It enhances the personality of people and boosts their confidence. The stone brings the wisdom, wealth, and fame in the life of its owner.


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