White Sappihire

The colorless variety of sapphire is known as white sapphire. In Hindi, this gemstone is also called as the “Safed Pukhraj”.  This stone is the alternative of Diamond and carries pure and supreme Venus Energy. The natural occurrence of this stone is very rare and limited.

Venus is the representative of beauty, power, wealth, luxury, fine taste and good things in the life, and white sapphire is worn by the people to get that these things in their life which are the symbols of Venus, but it is not for everyone. It has a powerful impact on the body physiology and should be worn only after a detail astrological analysis.

White sapphire vs. diamonds: The white sapphire gemstone and diamond is somewhat same because of their white color and high luster but they have a difference in the rating on the Mohs scale, white sapphire has a rating of nine while the diamond has the rating of 10. The white sapphire gemstone is known as the second hardest mineral found on the earth.

Benefits of white sapphire:  White Sapphire Wedding Rings are beautiful, durable and less expensive than diamonds. White sapphire is best for the harmony and joy in arelationship since this gemstone is connected with the planet of Venus, so the wearer of white sapphire has the direct impact on their lives of the power of this planet. This planet is also the representative of self-confidence and protects people from the evil eye, hexing and spell. So the couple who select white sapphire for their engagementsis always protected from the evil eye and get rid of their fears and complexes.

Another notable benefit of the white sapphire is that unlike another sapphire, white sapphire can be matched with yellow or rose gold settings and give the outstanding contrast. This contrast enhances the beauty of white sapphire and made it unique. 

It is quite clear that White Sapphire Engagement Rings have become great alternatives of thediamond. White sapphire has been used by the high society for over a century.

Physical benefits of White Sapphire: White sapphire boosts the immunity and good health. It bestows magnetism and attractiveness to the wearer, it is believed that white sapphire has a good control over the reproductive organs of the body. It helps in thetreatment of venereal diseases as well as anaid on conception. It also helpful in the case of nightmares and gives you the good peaceful sleep.

Material benefits: The wearer of white sapphire always enjoys the wealth and luxury, fortunes and the good marriage life, as the white sapphire carries the power of supreme Venus which represents the happiness and good fortunes.

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