Law of attraction science and intention

Forefront scientists who are thinking outside the box are discovering some things that may have made Einstein’s jaw drop. Nassim Harramein the physicist behind the unified field theory has made some very interesting discoveries in relation the nature and interconnectedness of our reality in his papers on the unified field.

 It is proposed that we exist and are part of an electromagnetic field of infinite power and infinite potential and what collapses the potential into actual is intention and of course our intention determines our focus and vibratory frequency. Our particular frequency then gives us a certain magnetic charge either bringing us to or attracting what it is we are vibrating. Our thoughts which are manufactured by our intention and our sub and unconscious patterns also have their own actual electrical charge, therefore, if we hold in mind a “good” thought we naturally feel well. How we feel is our thermometer for what we have been thinking. Continuous positive or good feeling thoughts  build our magnetic power for attracting more good things.

This is how manifestation can be explained in a scientific term. This is also how we discover the truth behind beliefs and how they actual carve ones reality.  And seeing as a belief is no more than a thought that you keep thinking it might be a good time to examine your beliefs! Basically what you hold in mind tends to manifest. This is quite a liberating thing to understand as it means that we can allow the power of our mind and intention to take care of our needs, goals and opportunities.

Many wonder why it is not always working for them? Well the answer to this lies in the sub and unconscious mind-  where fragmented parts of our mind have different idea about what is wanted (these parts also have their own free will hence the string being pulled at both ends). This is where the clearing work comes in for the re-integration of these fragments so as to move intention to its maximum power.

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