Common iPhone 6s problems fixes with recent Apple IOS upgrade

Apple announced that some of the iPhone 6s units are shutting down unexpectedly which includes faulty batteries are now replaced free of charge at the Apple stores, iPhone repair centre or authorised service providers.
Authorities believe it may be much more common for everyone, although they believe the malfunction affected the limited number of iPhone 6s initially produced between September and October 2015.
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Faster PS4 Repairs in Manchester at Games Repairer Centre

PS4 Repair Centre Manchester. We provide a faster turnaround time for variety of PS4 repairs in Manchester: Blue light of Death, PS4 reball, RLOD, HDMI port replacement, HDMI IC chip replacement, Power supply issue, water damage, Overheating, Fan fault, etc.

At our PlayStation repair centre Manchester, all models of Sony PlayStation repair and replacement services are carried out efficiently in very affordable charges. e.g. PS4, PS 4 Slim, PS3, PS4 Pro, PS Vita, PS4 controller, PSP, PSP1, etc.

Nintendo 3DS broken? Don't worry! Check this Nintendo 3DS repair introduction guide

I am not an engineer, or who like to open the Nintendo 3DS and other equipment, but has been around the technology for troubleshooting, I know all the twists and turns. Follow these simple rules to avoid getting in trouble when you try to fix Nintendo 3DS.


Please consult your warranty. It will tell you all you need to know who to contact who makes your Nintendo 3DS fixed. You will often find a small monster will be free fixed, short turnaround time. Your warranty is for your service, do not ignore!

Nintendo Switch mini news and sales update

After the introduction of the new Gamestop package, it seems that almost all online Nintendo switch stock options have been exhausted in the United States.

Nintendo switch Gamestop website earlier this week updated a new booking option for fans who could not reach its store.

Nintendo switch with gray Joy-Con and digital starter bundled, shipped on April 28, including: Zelda Barbaric Breathing and Expansion Pass, Snipperclips, Forklift Knight: Treasure Trove has become a hero.

Mobile Phone Glass Repair Nottingham – Motorola Repairer

The Motorola Repair centre Nottingham is an affordable Motorola repair service centre in the UK, where various types of faults and damage issues of Motorola phones are resolved at very reasonable prices.

Below mentioned Motorola Phone repair issues like:

•          Motorola Touchscreen failure

•          Motorola Cracked Screen damage

Best BlackBerry Repair centre Leeds – BlackBerry Repairer

BlackBerry repair centre Leeds is providing the best repair and replacement facilities for various BlackBerry devices at very cost effective prices. A reliable Postal service is provided for different types of BlackBerry repair orders all over the UK.

BlackBerry Mobile Phone Repairs Leeds - fixes following issues –

•          BlackBerry Battery replacement


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