OnePlus is Enticing Smartphones of 2015

The popular Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus, who had arrived in 2013 and crated a benchmark with their flagship device OnePlus One, last year has showed a great performance by launching two more new lineups.

The coming of eCommerce application software and their benefits

Technology has changed everything in today’s world, including the way we behave and conduct things in life. It has also influenced our thinking process and we opt for different ways to approach a product. The idea of eCommerce shopping or, in other words, online shopping is created out of this. Now, people take the easy route to shopping, ditching conventional way of door to door shopping method. the coming of the internet is a great blessing for today’s mankind, which makes all these things possible.

Nikola Tesla - What you didn't know

Nikola Tesla was an inventor and electrical engineer, being one of the top physicists in science.