Drone Design Is Moving Forward and the Possibilities Are Endless

There are great options when it comes to drone design. And with more and more events bringing together some of the best design minds, we can expect to see some new models hitting the market soon.


Drones have become commonplace in many cities around the world. What was once the exclusive preserve of the American military has now become easily available and affordable in terms of private ownership. The technology has dropped massively in price, and every year, more and more recreational drones hit the market. As a result, it’s common to see drones at many parks and beaches. But one thing that has to be said, no matter where you are, the designs tend to remain the same. However, some amazing innovations have hit the market that allow you to design and build your very own drone. As a result, the opportunity to test some truly unique designs is within many people’s reach.

New Design Systems Are Making Drone Technology More Exciting


MIT have created the design software and hardware that open up a huge range of possibilities. The system does far more than simply allow you to put together a design of your drone. The way it works is that it allows users to choose from a number of potential features, stored in a large database. You can customise just about every feature of your drone, and the great thing about the system is that it immediately assesses your design as you go. It will work out the details and let you know whether your system is viable. Most recreational drones are designed to be adequate all rounders but without any specific features. As a result, many people have assumed that this is the go-to design for drones. But the reality is, the sky's the limit. You can add more rotors in order to make a drone that could carry a larger payload. But you also have to ensure that all the rotors are able to balance each other out, especially when carrying a weight. Without a good design, it would be easy for the drone to end up tipping heavily, which could easily lead to a crash.


Events Around the World Are Bringing Some Great Minds Together


The technology is racing ahead, and there’s no shortage of great minds putting the time in to perfect today’s new drones. Events such as the FAI International Drone Conference, bringing together such major investors as Max Polyakov and many others, have been providing a great forum for enthusiasts and tech geniuses to exchange ideas. And with drone racing becoming more and more popular, there’s no shortage of great events around the world to keep fans interested. We’re happy to say that the future looks bright for the world of drones.


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