Benefit From the Best Learning Solution for Training Providers

The best learning solution is not the one that is the perfect one in an ideal world. Instead, it is the one that meets the business requirements and renders the results. There are few things that are crucial to achieve excellence in learning solution, which including business needs analysis; learner needs analysis, learning strategy, instructional design, delivery and implementation and evaluation. With the performance results and detailed learning objectives group for every audience grouping, the strategy of learning can be determined. The designer of excellent learning solutions can able to choose the most suitable delivery techniques, while considering the project parameters. Various delivery techniques by training providers will fit different audiences because of their varied performance outcomes as well as learning styles and other additional constraints.

Apart from traditional learning delivery techniques, the introduction of web 2.0 has featured along with it an ever growing range of tools that can be easily adapted for the purpose of learning. Being driven by data, the adaptive learning technology uses student data continuously to adapt learning pathways, changing constantly and increasing over time to meet every individual student. Knowledge gaps are identified and the course content adapts automatically, with complicated algorithms. This indicates a great time saving since it is not needed to sift through content that one knows already. Every course becomes unique completely to the individual student.

New Leaf Technologies remain as the sole distributor of one of the leading adaptive learning platforms in the world and also software learning solutions for training providers. This product has millions of users worldwide. aNewSpring is the ultimate adaptive learning software that allows trainers to easily develop and render course for making learners blossom. This platform is designed specifically for training providers though it is now being employed by many of the corporate trainers. It blends an on-line author environment, LCMS, LMS, web shop functionality and a learning community. Development is most important for aNewSpring and along with user feedback, updates are performed almost every day. This indicates that developers can keep finding new things and the platform will remain cutting edge always.

The service is offered as a service, hence support, updates, hosting and learner help desk are all that are included. The training providers south Africa are the regional distributor of the software and by means of their appointed solution providers, they will assist you develop as well as configure a system that meets your company requirements completely. Being cloud centric, there is no costly hardware needed. A single user subscription indicates no capital costs are included and only a monthly fee that you can gain full control over based on the number of users you have. The adaptive learning was developed particularly with trainers in mind. It is a blended learning solution. The users can update their own content and also create courses with utmost ease. It is also possible to make your own content accessible online by secure payment portals. It enables secure accessibility to training material anywhere across the world.

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