Drone Racing Has Never Been Bigger, and the Amateurs Are Turning Pro

Drone racing has exploded in recent years. Now a core facet of this emerging technology, the time is right to check out these exceptional events.

Drone racing has been around for a few years now and is set to be bigger than ever in 2018. The sport has some obvious draws for enthusiasts looking for a new competition. The nature of drones allows participants to enjoy the same thrills as air racing, with none of the terrifying dangers or associated costs. As a result, the sport has gone from strength to strength. Today, there are a few really big competitions worldwide, as well as no end of amateur leagues that provide plenty of opportunities for owners and fans alike. It’s a growing industry and shows no sign of slowing down.



Only 4 Years in and Drone Racers Are Already Professionals


The sport was first started in 2014 in Australia, very much as an amateur endeavour. The spacious outdoors nature of this part of the world is naturally conducive to drone racing. Since then, the sport has become more and more popular and spread across the world. The pastime quickly became a core part of the general drone scene, as evidenced at the first International Drones Conference. Set up by the FAI and taking place in Lausanne last year, the event brought players from a wide range of backgrounds together. Everyone, from pro racers to entrepreneur Max Polyakov and Dr. John Langford were present at the event. It marked a watershed moment in drone culture, bringing a diverse range of people together to trade knowledge and opinions on this emerging technology.


Drone Leagues Are Active Around the World


As far as the racing itself goes, there are already impressive prizes available for successful racers, and events are taking place all over the world. Course design has become a serious business, as has technical tuning of drones to ensure that racers get the most out of their machines. Some tournaments supply their competitors with the specifically designed craft that are guaranteed to get the most out of the event. The DRL, or Drone Racing League, remains the most significant organisation involved in the sport. They are the biggest and most accessible of all the organisations involved. They are also the only one that pays their pilots a wage for their services, showing that this sport really has turned pro. Their events are aired on a number of sports channels around the world.

There’s never been a more exciting time to get involved with drones. Whether you have a specific task in mind, a desire to race, or simply want to find out what is possible, now is the moment to check out the world of drones. And if you want to remain a spectator, there are a load of fantastic events coming up in the world of drone racing.


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