Experience the Splendid Charisma of India with Cultural tour to Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a peerless destination when it comes to cultural tours. Its rich cultural heritage is reflecting in its various attraction such as palaces, forts, havelis, temples, luxury train, heritage hotels and historic monuments. It has brought this land of raja-maharajas in the international limelight. In short, it is the land of India where culture echoes, traditions speak and its magnificent monuments reveal its saga of yesteryears. The best way to explore the diverse beauty of Rajasthan Culture is to book Rajasthan Cultural Tour packages which showcase various aspects of this heritage land.

Another important aspect of Rajasthan cultural tours is the authentic cuisine of this state. Your tour to Rajasthan is not completed unless you have treated yourself to the delicacies of the state. Evening of the Rajasthan is followed by the cultural programs such as a folk song and dance event. The folk music of Rajasthan has the charming magnetism and has achieved immense popularity across the country and its authenticity is reflected in several Bollywood movies and songs.

Apart from dance and music, Fairs are also the integral part of the Rajasthani culture. The place is the host of several famous fairs. Inhabitants of the heritage land, celebrate fairs and festivals all throughout the year with the onset of every season or to celebrate various occasions in the name of gods and goddesses. This gives ample opportunity to the tourists to enjoy their trip to Rajasthan anytime during the year. Most of the fairs are sponsored by Rajasthan state Tourism to boost the tourism in the state. If you are embarking on a cultural tour of this state then you simply cannot miss out the famed cattle and camel fair held in Pushkar each year. People of all caste, creed, and color and religious background flock in this small city to witness the spiritual festivities and colorful celebrations during the fairs.

The arts and craft of the Rajasthan depict the outstanding colorful lives of its residence. Tourist can purchase them and take them along with them as a memory of cultural tour to Rajasthan. There are so many shops offering handcrafted dress, decorative items, traditional footwear, Jewelry, Quilting Gems and Stones, Leather Craft, Blue Pottery, Woodcarving, and so forth.  You can further add more charm to the cultural journey in this royal land by exploring traditional villages of the state via camel safari. Rajasthan Villages Tour will give you most deserving opportunity to explore culture & tradition of the state.

State Express let you experience the unique culture of the Rajasthan in the most comfortable way. Tourists can customize the tour package according to the customer interest and availability. The place is a perfect destination for those who want to explore the natural, cultural and historical charm of this state. So, if you are cultural enthusiasts, Rajasthan Tours can certainly meet your needs.

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