Golden Triangle Tours – Experience the Exotic India

Golden Triangle is one of the most sought after tour destination of India. It introduces the enriching cultural experience with heartland exotic cities. This fascinating and imperial tour consists of visit to New Delhi (the capital of India), Agra (the place of Taj Mahal) and Jaipur (the Pink City of India).  This tour can be extended by exploring other nearby tourist destinations like Varanasi, Ranthambhore, Sariska, Bharatpur etc.  The three wonderful destinations of golden triangle have world lever importance. The tour embraces the rich golden heritage of India, which is an epitome of the country's culture, tradition and history. So if you want to get swept off into the boundless expanse of time, then come and experience the imperishable legacy of the incredible India through this tour. 

The tour destination is named as Golden Triangle of India because of the triangular shape that it forms on the map. The tour introduces the magnificent monuments but the greatest monumental adulation of the trip is the world famous Taj Mahal.  However, there are many other monuments such as Red Fort in Delhi, Agra Fort, Hawa Mahal in Jaipur of the tour package which are surely going to steal your heart.  This fascinating travel option fills all the conditions of an imagination and dream luxury holiday. It presents tourists great Indian history, culture, tradition and glorious past.

All of these destinations are dotted with a variety of art & architecture. Tourists are provided a great and long-lasting impression on their mind and are the most of the most budget tour option and needs no much time.

The tour starts from Delhi which is the gateway of India for most of the foreign tourists. This is the closest and most convenient point of access for travelers, and making it to all other destinations on this tour becomes easier.

In a nutshell, the three destinations of this tour will expose the rich diversity of India. There are  so much to do and places to visit in this tour that you could even spend your entire lifetime in just exploring this splendid land. The Golden Triangle Tour is laden with various tourist attractions, landscapes, gardens, forts and palaces, to say the least. In addition, these cities are considered highly illustrious for offering unflagging support to the world of art, literature and not to forget its impeccable architecture which brought worldwide recognition to the nation, including a new social and cultural identity which it has taken over post-independence with immense pride. This is the reason why we wish to give you a sneak peek into the notable destinations that this Golden Triangle Tour encompasses.

Thus, the amalgamation of Indian culture, diversity, incredibility, development, and historical significance can be better sensed when you go for the golden triangle tour, and witness the golden triangle in India. Experience the intense pleasure and serenity of India by taking the Golden Triangle Tour. As the tours comprise of the vivacious capital India Delhi, serene city Agra and the pink city – Jaipur. With a doubt, the tour will enhance the best memories of your life, with a warm welcome to the exotic cities of Golden Triangle and experience of the jaunty special moments of life.

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