Mesmerizing weekend getaways from Kolkata

Kolkata can be easily called as one of the most culturally vibrant cities of India. Not only the city has preserved all of its traditions well but it has also progressed towards modernization at an amazing rate. What makes the city even more beautiful is its people and old charm that is still there. If you have explored the city and hence searching for good weekend getaways from Kolkata then you are in for a lot of options. From the the beautiful Digha beach to an awe-inspiring exotic village of Rasikbil, Kolkata has many places that are worth visiting. Here are some of the places you must visit near Kolkata.


  1. Bishnupur: Known the nation over for well known terracotta sanctuaries and Baluchari sari, Bishnupur is an artistically prospering town, set up by Malla Kings in seventeenth century. The memories of this interesting town merit catching in camera and flawlessly satisfy the appetite of each art lover's spirit. Depicted in different historical compositions as the substance of provincial Bengal, the sanctuary town is specked with a portion of best known religious structures, for example, Jor Bangla sanctuary, Pancha Ratna Temple, Dalmadal Kaman, Radheshyam sanctuary, and so forth.


  1. Chandipur: A less swarmed coastline retreat for the sightseers in Kolkata, Chandipur is situated in the Baleswar District of Odisha. The beach is the primary fascination of this traveler spot and turns amazingly exquisite amid the season of the ebb tide. This characteristic wonder happens twice every day and leaves a wide extend of gleaming sand beach. Balaramgadi is the heavenly site close Chandipur where you can witness the conversion of waterway Budhabalanga or Buribalam with the ocean.


  1. Digha: Actually the most looked for after beach occasion retreat close to Kolkata, Digha is situated in the East Midnapore locale at the outskirt with Odisha. Lined with influencing chains of Casuarina trees, the beaches of Digha offer a wonderful canvas to be seen by the admirers of nature and peacefulness. Digha is for the most part separated into Old Digha and New Digha. While Old Digha is discovered today at remains and went by at night by lovebirds, New Digha is relatively crisp in searches and draws in visitors for its Casuarina lined ocean shore.


  1. Bakkhali: A perfect getaway for the travelers who might need to maintain a strategic distance from group and commercialisation, Bakkhali is nature's shrouded treasure in the southernmost piece of West Bengal. The windmill of Frasergunj and crocodile engendering focus are the real attractions in Bakkhali. Appreciate isolation of strolling past the beach of Bakkhali or investigate the sanctuary of Banbibi found at a nearby separation from the beach encompassed by thick Casuarina tree.


  1. Rasikbil: Situated in Coochbehar area of West Bengal, this tranquil travel destination with gigantic common excellence grasps particular assortments of wildflowers and extraordinary types of fauna. A haven for bird watchers, Rasikbil is encompassed by three thick timberlands – Nagurhaat, Atasmochar and Bochamari. Ibises, Storks, cormorants, spoonbills and parrots are normally discovered birds in Rasikbil. The lake on the heart of the woods is home to a plentiful assortment of sweet water angles. The deer park, crocodile restoration focus, panther house, python house and tortoise house are couple of perfect spots to meander around in Rasikbil.

These weekend getaway are just mesmerizing and you have to visit them to know how good they are. Just book your Ahmedabad to Kolkata flights and get ready to go on an enjoyable ride in the joyous city of Kolkata.

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