Visit the Famous Temples of Delhi by Private Car

The blow of conchs and ringing of bells in temples catches the attention of commuters in every street of Delhi. Who can describe the glory of temples, where we forget all worldly worries for few moments! Temples of Delhi speak the glorious past of this centuries-old city. 
The smooth drive on multi-lane avenues is just dream come true for any chauffeur. And, if you are first-timer, then it is going to be a life-time experience to retain in memory for many coming years to come. During night time, the Lutyens Delhi looks like newly-wedded bride.     
If you are highly religious or lover of exquisite temples, then Delhi is the right place for you. The temples in Delhi had stirred the souls of the devotees from ancient time. It is not possible to cover all temples in Delhi under full day sightseeing tour by car.   
Horse-driven carriages are passé and rickshaw-pullers are not allowed in many places of Delhi. If swiftness, reliability and comfort are in your mind for visiting these temples, then no mode of transport comes close to private cars. They are the symbol of elite class, who wants to move in their own personal space.
How travelling by private car is useful in myriad ways, especially if you are heading for places of worship:
It takes the shortest & safest route
Car journey is bereft of vagaries of weather
Saving time is also saving money
In-advance information of traffic halt in particular area
Your personal belongings are in safest hand
Delhi is dotted with numerous temples and when you step out from the car, it’s probably the only city where you discover that temples look better than on postcards. If you want interested to see few selected grand architecture, then Akshardham temple and Lotus temple are must-see tourist attractions.
Lakshmi Narayan temple is dedicated to Hari Narayan Vishnu which was inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi few decades back. Another temple, ISKCON built with red stone is thronged by tourists/pilgrims for its marvelous structure. Lotus temple is known for its amazing carvings and architecture.
Chandni Chowk is situated in Old Delhi where Red Fort naturally catches the attention of tourists peeping out from the window. Although the place is overcrowded during peak hours, but drivers know well how to move smoothly avoiding the congested lane.         
Many temples are many centuries old and still look fresh. Shri Digamber Jain temple in Chandni Chowk is famous Jain temple built in 1656. Gauri Shankar temple in the heart of Chandni Chowk is 800 year old. Similarly, Hanuman temple in CP (Connaught place) is believed to be built during Mahabharata times.
Many temples look enthralling during night time, so it’s advisable to make the plan as per your choice. In this scenario, the half-day sightseeing tour wouldn’t work. Plan accordingly as per your likings and disliking. Make your temple journey memorable catching the golden moments in camera.   
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